Welcome to Sunny Side Recovery! If you’ve stumbled upon my page, I pray you will find the inspiration you need to continue this road to recovery. My name is Kat, and I’m an addict.

This blog is here for all people in all stages of recovery. If you’re still struggling with active addiction-I urge you to find your closest meeting (personally, I attend NA meetings) and surround yourself with other people in recovery. The first time you walk into those rooms with an open mind, an open heart, and most importantly open ears, I promise you will get something very special out of that meeting. If you don’t-keep coming back, because I can assure you that eventually you will hear exactly what you need to.

I’ve been struggling with addiction my entire life. As a child I had addict behavior, which isn’t very surprising since I come from a very long line of addiction. This is not uncommon among addicts, but please do not feel alone or ashamed if your family is not familiar with this disease. My journey into this illness has caused much pain and damage to those around me, but worst of all I hurt myself. Coming from a family of addicts made it a little harder to finally embrace recovery, but alas I found my way to the light.

Everyday seems to get a little easier, but recovery is no easy task to take on. I have faced many trails that definitely tested my strength. I have relapsed many times, and I’ve stayed sober for months at a time. I’ve white knuckled it, I’ve done intensive treatments, and I tried throwing myself into my religion. None of these things stuck, and it always ended in a crucial relapse-that is until I found my way into the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. This is when I truly found recovery, and with the help of my sponsor, support group, and a very special Auntie&Uncle, I have managed to find my true self.

I am still on this road to recovery, and I will forever be working the program. Although I have discovered myself-I’m still learning new things about me everyday. Recovery has forced me to face many feelings and fears that I once hid with substances, but I no longer need to hide, and the good news is YOU never have to use again either.

This is a place for addicts of all things, and a place for the families of addicts who would like a peek inside of addiction AND recovery. Please remember this is to remain a safe environment for all who chose to visit this site, and for those who chose to ignore that one rule-I hope you have a change of heart or remove yourself from this space until you find the courage to be understanding, loving, and respectful.


May you find the peace and love your Higher Power longs to give you,

Kat Jay