As we all know, the journey into sobriety can be stressful just in its own. When you add in life stressors that we will have to go through, things can get a little scary. Fear not, my fellow addicts! Our Higher Power is important for great reasons, one of which is aiding us in dealing with life on life’s terms. I know, it’s harder to walk the walk than it is to talk the talk, but alas-we must do so. 

It’s important to have a sponsor when seeking sobriety, because if you’re attempting to do this alone, you will fall flat on your ass. Take tonight for instance-without the help of my support group, I’d be sitting on my bed cursing the world. I’m thankful for my fellow recovering addicts, especially during times of, well, sucky-ness! 

Sobriety never promised us a perfect life, and the program never says that once we are sober stress and pain will end. No, unfortunately sobriety will not stop life from throwing us curve balls. What the program and sobriety give us is better than ending worries-they give us tools to face troubling times. My Higher Power guides me through the dark times, and my program gives me a place to let out all my stress while hearing the hope and inspiration from others. 

Remember friends, do not let life take you out of the game. Play hard, play smart, and most importantly-play sober. 

May your Higher Power bring you to the light, no matter how much darkness you’re facing. 
Kat Jay